the first 2 pieces shown are the final result of my Printmaking/bookbinding IST with Sanne Beeren:
One being a framed mixed-media work and the other an object - a box containing a series of prints. (The two are separate projects)

The prints were made using the lino technique, where I had a limited amount of `stampsĀ“to use to create the prints (all prints are made up using the same repeating components/shapes) but reconfigured to create different scenes.

Following are experiments with silkscreen printing, cyanotype, monoprints, etching experiment, kitchen-lithography, some sketches using my computer and photography, marbling technique, and some experiments trying to invent a new printing technique using watercolour ! (1)-opt.jpg (1).jpg - Kopie-opt.jpg (1)-opt.jpg portrait.jpg